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Quality assurance is the most important part of software development process. It is done rigorously at all stages to make sure that the final product is free from issues and errors. It can be described as the systematic and planned set of activities that ensures processes and products conform to the given standards, procedures and requirements. QA Training is a must for aspiring software testers. It ensures you get to learn the concepts and methods of identifying problems in a program at all stages of the development. Timely removal of same can save time, efforts and money of an organization.

When you enroll for the course, you will learn several things. Processes include activities involved in designing, developing, maintaining and enhancing software while products comprise of the software, documentation, associated data, and all other paperwork. QA comprises the process of assuring that procedures and standards are established and followed throughout the software development lifecycle process. Standards refer to the established norms to which software products are usually compared whereas procedures can be defined as the established criteria to which the process of control and development are compared.

Compliance with these established procedures, standards and requirements is evaluated through the different process of testing, monitoring, audits and products evaluation. The three commonly supportive activities involved in SDLC are management, engineering, and quality assurance. Quality assurance ensures that the management and engineering efforts result in a product that accomplished all of its requirements.

Quality Assurance Training aims at honing the knowledge and skills of aspiring software testers to identify technical issues and errors in a product. The training empowers you with the expertise to detect and reduce risks so that a software program can function smoothly. For instance, coding standards are established for ensuring the delivery of quality code.

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